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50 Years Ago in Saluda, NC by Herbert E. Pace

  Saluda Gossip of Long Ago

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A long time ago Uncle Bobby Jones got a wife. They called her an advertised woman. He got hold of this woman's address and they began corresponding. He had her come to Saluda. Everybody met the train to see Bob's wife. She was a fine woman. She had been married before. Her name was a Mrs. Stelwell from Oklahoma, or somewhere in the west.

One of her sons - a Mr. Stilwell, came to Saluda and operated a drug store in a wooden building near where Dar Taylor's filling station now stands. I think this was the first drug store in Saluda. This man's son was in Saluda last summer and had pictures of this drug store and other buildings in Saluda at that time. I think he was from Oklahoma, owned a big farm there. I did not get his name. Fred Robertson told me about him being here. W. C. Robertson built the first brick building in Saluda, known now as the "John Bradlev Building" and the City Hall.

Dr. Goelet had a drug store in one side and Thompson and Pace had a store where City Hall is now.

I remember a wooden building stood near there and a man by the name of Hall Ripley had some kind of a store in it. He was a great hunter. One day he came into the store with his gun. Someone asked him what he liked to hunt best. He said rabbits. They asked him how many he had killed in one day. He said 99. They said make it 100. He said he would not tell a lie for one rabbit.

  Doctors around Saluda

There was a Dr. Levi Jones who lived at Zirconia; drove a horse and buggy and walked all over this country. Dr. Lindsey who lived at High Land, near Tigerville, SC who drove horses and traveled day and night. Dr. Goelet who lived in Saluda, had a drug store. He rode horses all over the country. Then came Dr. Shankle, Dr. Cooksey and Dr. Fauntleroy. Dr. Salley was the first one to use a car then. Dr. Hooper also used a car. All these doctors would go day and night for miles out in the country. Dr. Fauntleroy is the only one of these doctors that is here now.

50 years ago Granny Ward looked after all the baby cases around here. She would go for miles. She had a horse she called Pigeon that she rode. She would go day and night. She had a big rock in the yard and she would lead old "Pig" up by the side of it, mount on her side saddle and away she would go - it didn't get too cold, or snow or rain too hard for Granny Ward. Her charge was $1.00.

Then there was Ibe Davis, the blacksmith, who pulled teeth in Saluda; and Jimmie Davis, his brother, who also pulled teeth. Jimmie Davis lived on a farm out in the Mountain Page section.

People used to bring little babies to our house and my mother would lay the baby across her lap and pinch up the skin a little, take a razor and cut a very small place and take what she called a cuppin horne and suck one drop of blood from the baby. Don't know what this is for. Then there was a man who lived close to us, people would bring babies for him to blow in their mouths.

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