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50 Years Ago in Saluda, NC by Herbert E. Pace


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I am having this book published upon the many requests of my friends. I was born September 12, 1889 in South Carolina, Greenville County, near what was called the “Dark Corner” of South Carolina. I went to school in South Carolina to a one-teacher school. The school house was a log building with one door and a big fireplace, no windows; the seats were split logs with holes bored in the round side and round sticks driven for the legs with the split side up and no backs. Later I went to school in North Carolina, Henderson County, to a two-teacher school - then to the Saluda Seminary in Saluda, Polk County.

My father died when I was in my teens and I lived with my mother on the mountain farm. When in my twenties I married Maud L. “Pace” Pace of Polk County. We lived with my mother as long as she lived. When she died we moved Saluda. I was in business with W. R. Summey for awhile, then sold out. Went to work with Mase & Mase, Civil Engineers of Charlotte, NC. They were doing some surveying for the Blue Ridge Power Co. on Green River. We also worked at Lake Lure. When we got through at Lake Lure I found myself out of a job unless I wanted to go to Mexico with my boss man, a Mr. Faison. Then I worked for M. A. Pace about eight years. My last work was with Adams Millis Hosiery Co. of Tryon, NC. I was fireman and watchman for almost ten years - retired January 1, 1957.

I have five children, all married; Wayman, Ruth, Ruby, Betty jo and Harold Dean. IYe own our own home on Greenville Street in Saluda, NC.

-- June 1, 1957. Herbert E. Pace

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